Why the poetry?

In 2016 I started posting large multi-panel poems at the temple.  More or less all of them are for my wife.  She is my muse.  Here she is bringing the first one out to hang:

She had to put the day-glo hearts here to cover the inappropriate things I drew on it.  Because I’m that guy.  And she’s a respectable girl.

This poem later got the name Flower and Thorn.  It’s one of 5 poems included in this installation.

So why the poetry?  It’s because it’s all part of the same journey.  The gravity of water and the flow of these 5 pieces simply go together.  This will be a temple in honor of a hard and beautiful life.  Whether that’s hers, or mine, or yours, I won’t say.  I hope this turns out right, and you will have the chance to decide for yourself.

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