Artistic Vision

Ripple has the appearance of light reflecting from a flowing stream. Five glowing panels encircle and claim a space permeated with the sound and feeling of water. Each panel tells a visual story in the unique backlit patterns covering its faces. Each one tells a matching story in the unique work of written word displayed on its inner face.

These artistic panels are framed with clear cylinders of captured water shimmering in blue-white light, offering unique expressions of movement and flow. The center of the space offers a multi-level covered platform, perfect for lounging and reflecting, with more clear cylinders of captured water shimmering in blue light rising up to a ceiling. Streams of water flowing through the 15 cylinders create a pipe organ effect, filling the space, evoking the resonant sound of rivulets in a mountain stream. Participants are invited to interact with simple valves to adjust the base water levels in the columns, altering the pitch of the cylinder to create both discord and harmony.

The face of each panel displays a unique work of written verse. These are stories of the human experience. Your experience. Our experience. They evoke the feeling discord and harmony, mirroring the environment of the installation.

Ripple will give you meaning under an open night sky. It will give you shade on a hot day. It will make you feel. Ripple is intended to break your soul, and reveal what it’s been hiding all along.