Wild Ride

Ok building things is hard. I just want to get that out up front. Building things is especially hard when you habitually design things in an “if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it all the way” mentality. All the way. It’s what Ripple is all about.

In the past month we’ve done some amazing things. We’ve etched nearly all of the acrylic for Ripples art and poetry. We’ve finished most of the carpentry. We created power. We made sound. We solved lighting and circuitry problems. We used first aid. We laughed, and drank, and Rippled. We freaked out a bit as the weeks started dwindling.

But we’ll make it. Ripple will be a thing. For you. Huzzah y’all. I’d like to thank Woodstock and Levi for visiting and rocking it with power, sound, & lighting. And to Warren for working with such detail and care on our amazing finalized art pieces. And thanks to Kristin, Ali, Buttercup, Deb, Ron, Wave, Edgar, and others for their help with build. And most importantly, thanks to Maureen for keeping us together, and organized, and smiling.