It’s about to get real

Moving on from our halftone test, we’ve done a lot of iterations toward getting the method right for developing these acrylic art panels. This simple image of four people is the end of a long road of many tries and many failures.

It’s a bit of a magic formula to figure out how these can be cut fast enough to be feasible, but also deep enough to be epoxied. How to sand the epoxy to let the light through, without knocking it out of the holes.

And now we’re moving on to the big stuff. That image above is just a tiny slice of one of the 5 art panels on Ripple’s perimeter. Our next test is a 3’x3′ near-complete part of the Loss panel:

You can see the same people from the first image here in the bottom right. This 3’x3′ image is roughly 1/4 of the Loss panel. For the 5 panels, we’ll be making about 20 of these. It’s about to get bizay over here.