Power Play (Damn it feels good to be a Playa)

Gasoline sucks. I can personally guarantee you that no matter how many precautions are taken, some gets on the Playa. I also don’t like breathing it. Or going out several times a day to pour it into a big stinky machine

So, in line with BMOrg’s push for sustainability, Ripple will be solar. We hope Ripple will be solar. Please help us make Ripple solar.

Our power lead, Michael Vermette (Woodstock) is focusing almost exclusively on this. It turns out that pumping 30 gallons of water 10 feet into the air takes some power. Who knew?

The solar system we’ll need to power this project will likely cost nearly $5000. But this effort is worth the cost. At the end of a long day we’ll come home stinking of release, and freedom. Not gasoline. You will enjoy Ripple without having to smell more exhaust. And the Playa will continue to feel good.

Please help us make Ripple solar