RIP Flow. You were loved.

Picture this: you have an idea. It burns in your mind like fire. Like fuel. Powering you on to the horizon even when you spend a few years with nothing to show but an intention. You finally sketch some designs. You write some content. It’s fair dinkum good, dammit. You’ve got something.

A name comes to you: Flow. The ceaseless flow of a cycle of water eating its own tail. The flow of words. The flow of the human experience. And it’s also a suggestion, a request, a demand: flow. Like a twig in the shoulders of a mighty stream.

And you think, ok fine. So what if it maybe makes people have to pee. That’ll be a funny little jab. We can take it.

So you make a design. Including v2.1, 2.2, and 3. You find partners and build a team. You make a budget and source things. And since you’ll need to fundraise, you need a site. And for a site, you need a logo.

And the logo appears. The first version looks pretty good.

And should this happen to you, you might find yourself showing it around a bit. Asking for input. You probably expect the little things: maybe a different color. Move that one circle. Add a little pizzaz.

But the feedback you will receive, based on our extensive experience, will be: “this looks like a feminine hygiene product”.

RIP Flow. You were loved.