Turn Instead: Intro

And now, here is the new day. One of many, come and gone.

Life is full of danger. You know that as well as anyone. Maybe you know it more. And life is full of things to build, places to smile, and people to share it with.

There is an offer in front of you. A laugh to be shared. A hurt to be risked. It’s a cleansing breeze that brings fresh air, and possibilities. Where does it lead? The breeze will not say. Because possibilities are unknown. This is their nature.

You are my friend now. And this is the story of a choice I know you make, every minute of your life. It is, in the end, the choice of who you will be. There is nothing grand here, just a sum of small things. You are making this choice right now. And your next choice will be this one as well.

Everything leads to this. The most important moment of your life.