The Unattainable Line: Intro

There will be a day when you will fail.  I hope that day comes soon.  Maybe it will be today.

Yes, this is your day!  Today you will try for something you can never reach.  You will run, and fall, and skin your knees.  You will grab a hammer and start beating the wrong plank.  Today you will see a new color, and then forget what it looked like. 

Today, you will have to admit that you are not up to the task.

And you should laugh about this.  It will be your comedy of errors, an insufficiency so clear and simple that there can be no fault.  You will stumble, and sweat, bright eyed with failure to understand.  You will grab on for a moment and be dragged along, bruised and confused, and finally dumped ungracefully on the side of your own road.

And in your hand, you will find something noone has ever seen before.  It’s yours now.  You earned it.