Flower and Thorn: Intro

We all try so hard.  We’re all so full.  

We’re full of ideas and needs.  Hope, and fear.  Full of belief.  And we’re full of the desire to see past these things.  We’re full of what we can do.  We want to be safe, to control, to know.  We’re full of doing.

We’re filled with positive, and negative.  We overflow with this, and that.  We cling to one, and fight the other.  We’re full of illusion, and confusion.  We’re full of everything that keeps us from seeing clearly.  

We do, and we ruin.  We assign importance, and we cling to our images.  Your mind is a beautifully framed picture of the eternal, drawn by a child.

This is the story of emptiness.  It’s the story of you, wrung out.  Still, for once, and open.  Catching a glimpse of what has always been beneath, in front, and all around.  It makes no claim on what that is.  This is yours to decide.