Meet Eric J. Trujillo & Amalia Maloney Del Riego


We are a world-class creative couple traveling the world, creating with world-class people.


Traveling | Geeking Out on all Things Digital | Art | Film Production | Illustration | Local Breweries | Local Distilleries | Great Food | Cooking | The Outdoors | Move to Traveling – Travel Site
Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Colorado | Entrepreneur | Advertising | Digital Design | Illustration | Owner of StudioTrujillo | Video
What if people can find you, but your website is so out-of-date, so un-user-friendly, that no one wants to be one of your customers? Thoughtful design is more than just a pretty picture – it’s engaging a user into a customer.
A renegade idealist from a young age, I graduated from the University of Colorado and have been a professional designer for the last 25 years. I’ve built my design cred over the years on the backs of many action sports brands such as Fila, Airwalk, Burton Snowboards and Copper Mountain Resort. I’ve also been the architect of designs and creative marketing for Sony Music, Bollé, and a handful of local breweries. In the early nineties, I enjoyed a following in the underground music industry.


My work runs the gamut of concept-driven design and visualization to results-oriented website designs for countless small businesses and non-profit organizations. I have a passion for geeking out on all things digital and I love developing unique marketing solutions for small, creative, local businesses and entrepreneurs who need that one-of-a-kind design that separates them from their pack of competitors.

Traveling | Different Cultures | Writing | Music | Storysharing | Great Food | Move to Traveling – Travel Site | Amalia Vida – Personal Blog | Local Businesses | Local Beer and Wine | People | The Outdoors
BA Degree Human Communications | Entrepreneur | WordPress | Social Media | Owner of Amalia Vida Site and Move to Traveling Site | Writing | Blogging
Dual Citizen of US and Spain | Dominican, Spanish, American, Scottish and Irish | Love Interviewing People | Happy to be on Camera | Love Experiencing that Local Pub or Boutique Hotel
Be clear on WHY you do what you do and lead with that. Run your business and live your life from the inside-out, not the outside-in.
I’ve been honored to create engaging online presence for small to medium-size businesses such as non-profits, life coaches and motivational speakers, writers and authors, business consultants and even a high-end restaurant in Northern Spain. For me, the why of providing Online Marketing comes down to two things: because it creatively energizes me to help others succeed in manifesting and creating their dreams and, my business supports the lifestyle I desire for enjoying and loving life.


As a personable person, I treat my clients not as work, but treasured relationships. It’s the art-interior-design blend of a hip, local bar, the trying of a new single-malt scotch and, most importantly, those down-to-earth conversations with the people, that I absolutely thrive on.

We love what we do and it shows in our work. Why? Because our work is fun for us. It provides ways to express our creativity and supports our traveling lifestyle and passion for people and their stories. Projects are relationships to us. We get to know you and develop relevant ways to creatively introduce and share you to the world. Our goal and commitment is to provide effective, unique marketing with lasting quality that is tailored for your business and purpose.
We’re not an ad agency where you don’t get to know who’s developing your marketing and where you only get a commoditized service from a cookie-cutter mold. Our combined suite of skills and experiences provide the most needed elements for a productive presence with your audiences. Whether you’re starting from scratch or ready to expand an already existing presence to the next level, we’re your partners for bringing it to life.