Share Your Facebook Page Post4 Oct 2016

How to Share Your Facebook Page Post as Your Page

To share your Facebook page post seems simple. But what about when you're trying to share it as your page to another page? Yep, you guessed it - it's not as intuitive or obvious. So we want to share with you how to share a specific Facebook post that is on your page, as your page, by finding its own specific URL. This is super helpful for sharing a specific post to other pages that your page

23 Mar 2015

Get Creative with Your Business Signage

Have you ever seen a sign at your local coffee shop or in a retail store that surprised you? Maybe it gave you a good laugh and hopefully, it got you to pay attention more than you would have if it was saying it the same, boring and typical way. While this applies mostly to businesses with a physical location and/or storefront, we think it can also apply to your online presence. The simple gist

New Natural Lotion Naked as a Jaybird27 Jan 2016

New Natural Lotion | Meet Naked as a Jaybird

The new natural lotion available today isn't just on store shelves. It's being sold conveniently online and, in the words of our client, is providing bare body goodness. Meet Naked as a Jaybird, our recent client who we are proud and grateful to work with in the launch of natural, solid lotions. Not only do we love the products, but we love the founder and maker behind it all, Jay Wilcox. The New Natural Lotion of Today Jay

Great Online Customer Service at WooThemes17 Dec 2015

Online Customer Service with WooThemes is Great!

We're impressed with the great online customer service with WooThemes. With today's marketing and communications based online, it's important to go with platforms that prioritize great support for their customers. We often hear about how customer service and support are the keys for a business to succeed. Well, it certainly has made loyal customers and fans of WooThemes! Here's how and why. Online Customer Service There are a few simple ways that we measure great