Vic’s Liquors

Premium Spirits Emporium



As a fresh new start-up in Stapleton, CO, Vic’s Liquors needed a dynamic identity and solid online presence. This meant everything from branding and logo to a website and social media platforms. Considerations had to be kept in mind, it’s storefront location, opportunity for printed materials and signage.

The owner was inspired to base his branding entirely on his beautiful Malamute dog whose larger-than-life personality is irresistible. This was creative heaven for us and we ran with it, developing the branding on Vic. We conducted a full photo-shoot of Vic, resulting in quality shots of him with and without his owner. The design was hand-crafted by Eric thanks to his design and artistic skills in animation. Since the business has a store-front, we also developed for them the sign for their building. It’s the largest one in the shopping area and can be seen from down the street.
Since the company was just starting, we made sure to develop the presence and build up the most needed platforms first so they were ready for the official grand-opening day. The local community was strongly targeted and a rewards program for loyal customers was developed. Overall, we made sure to identify Vic’s as the new resource for quality spirits, wine and beers in its area and as a part of the community.

2014 was their first full year in business and Vic’s has reported that they far exceeded their projections and goals. Today they have a strong online and community presence that is recognized by their branding and has created a growing loyal customer base. People are able to find them easily because of their online presence, the valuable information presented on their website, and their consistency engaging with customers on and off line. The momentum they started with is only continuing to expand and they’re enjoying some great success.