Kobe An Shabu Shabu

Traditional Japanese Cuisine



Kobe An brought us on a few months after they opened their new restaurant in Lower Highland, one of the hippest neighborhoods of downtown Denver. They were in dire need of immediate social media management and a website that functioned better, complete with updates and full branding. Since they were associated with a recently closed, long-established family restaurant, we had the fun challenge of establishing their branding with a distinctive, unique identity to set them apart and represent their high-end, cultural dining quality that is one-of-a-kind in the Denver restaurant scene.

We immediately set to managing their social media by merging duplicate Facebook Pages and posting consistently with strategically scheduled posts and creative content, all geared to authentically reach and engage audiences rather than bombard with canned sales-pitches. Simultaneously we developed their branding with a quality array of logo layouts, colors, and accompanying images. From the custom-drawn Japanese dragon to animated cartoons of the restaurant owners to print materials such as their business cards and various menus, we had a lot of fun establishing their presence all across the board.
Their site was created with a powerful combination of their branding and efficient functionality for visitors to make reservations, follow their blog and sign-up for specials and discounts, all the while being able to learn more about their restaurant. Multimedia was a strong component as well, with the creation of time-lapse videos and a how-to-shabu video that is soon to be completed. We also conducted several photo-shoots of their food, providing watermarked professional photography, and live video shots for possible future use.

In a matter of less than six months, we have enabled the restaurant to turn around a broken and disorganized online presence to be a consistent and beautifully functioning presence where online visitors can become restaurant patrons. Their social media continues to experience steady growth in their number of followers and their website helps to bring even more new customers into their doors to experience their exquisite dining. Since their cuisine is a unique, traditional Japanese meal, their new presence has also helped to effectively communicate and educate others about the benefits of their food and the manner in which it is enjoyed and cooked by the patrons.