Loving Your Work

Online Community & Downloads with David Firth



As an international consultant, David Firth was ready to expand his services into the realm of a niche passion that he had began cultivating – inspiring people on the corporate and business level to love their work. He already had a presence for his corporate consulting, so this new project was to be focused on principles of love in the work world, no matter who you are and what your job is. He wanted to accomplish this by having creating an interactive community online for engaging people in conversations about this topic and by offering his writings and books as downloads.

We worked closely with David to identify his branding in a way that would set it apart from his corporate consulting business. He wanted something more personable and welcoming; warm and inviting that was down-to-earth rather than so corporate. A unique influencer was that we were also working with David on another joint project he has with another client of our’s, Tom LaRotonda. Together they have Love Made Visible. The two brands are partners and so we created their branding to reflect each other.
Once we created David’s particular identity and branding, we set to work on his web presence which includes the advanced offerings of an e-commerce store. This features free downloads as well as purchasable downloads. This shop area features capabilities for comments that carry on the important theme of discussion that the website supports. Most of all, we developed a strong blog area that we customized with certain copy for a unique theme that would set it apart and encourage online conversations about the topic of loving one’s work.

Now, as a writer, speaker and international traveler, David is shifting his career focus more and more to his passion for encouraging people to love their work. His website is a presence that can welcome and connect him effectively with his ever-expanding audiences that come from all parts of the world. They in turn have more access to his resourceful writings, audios, videos and other various tools that support them in loving their work. To strongly set apart the home page of his website, we furthered the project scope to include a custom animation introduction video. Other tools for furthering his reach and audience interaction are the branded subscriber database with regularly set email digest, capabilities for a membership-based product offering, and accompanying social media platforms for optimal sharing and developing of his audiences.