Love Made Visible

Tom LaRotonda & David Firth



Authors and speakers Tom LaRotonda and David Firth partnered to create and offer inspiring online discussions about love. Their passion is that talking about and applying love is not something has to be limited to certain roles in our society or to a location like an ashram or cave in Tibet. It’s for everyone, even two down-to-earth men like themselves. They enjoyed their talks about love and topics about its applications, so they recorded them to share with others. At the same time, they were enjoying doing something that they love. To manifest this, they needed the whole shebang – an identity, channels of communication and marketing, a secure e-commerce system, and application of these elements strategically to a website and online presence.

Creating this with Tom and David was truly a “labor of love” (no pun intended). It was important to keep in mind that we were working with two people, therefore two personalities and influences of preferences. We looked at this as a benefit and yielded it as a treasure trove from which to build with.
While we did utilize phases for the timing of so many parts to be integrated, we also commenced the website build while the branding and identity were still being completed. The e-commerce functionalities were built by utilizing cost-effective third-party partners. This helped to keep the project within their budget, while still providing a proficient, secure and visually appealing experience.

We saw the project through to its launch. The different parts completed were ideation, their logo and graphic designs and standards of their branding and identity, eight edited and produced audios for optimal download, previews of the audio downloads featured on the website, custom downloadable and branded PDF workbooks, and payment gateway configuration and social media. We helped strategize, built the various elements, and integrated them to work fluidly together for an amazingly loving experience that is now on a roll.