Conchal Hotel

Boutique Hotel & Restaurant


The Conchal Hotel & Papaya Restaurant is hidden gem on the Guanacaste Coast of Costa Rica. We got to know the wonderful couple that have the hotel and restaurant for years now. The locals love the restaurant and visitors to this area, fall in love and return. Their already existing website and social media presence needed a professional video that could introduce people to them in a way that was their style – authentic, personable, and beautifully Costa Rican.

Over a week long period, we took photography, video and GoPro footage on a daily basis. From this wealth of material, we created a great video that intentionally introduces the hotel, their restaurant, and invites people to come and experience the two.

We focused on the beauty of their natural surroundings and the quality of their hand-crafted rooms and interiors. Capturing the local, small village and its nearby beach were also essential to the visualization of the story.

As part of the photography, we also conducted a full food photoshoot of their restaurant and delicious menu items. These were then provided in file formats they could use for future printing opportunities, as well as throughout their online presence.

Overall, we created a valuably useful photo bank and fun, personable introduction to the hotel and all that is involved with the experience.