To share your Facebook page post seems simple. But what about when you’re trying to share it as your page to another page? Yep, you guessed it – it’s not as intuitive or obvious. So we want to share with you how to share a specific Facebook post that is on your page, as your page, by finding its own specific URL. This is super helpful for sharing a specific post to other pages that your page likes.

Step 1 to Share Your Facebook Page Post

Find the specific, individual post on your Facebook Page timeline and locate the ‘time stamp’ along the top of the post. It looks like this:


Share Your Facebook Page Post

Step 2 to Share Your Facebook Page Post

Once you click on the time stamp, a new window will open with just that specific post displayed. You’ll notice that the URL in your browser now has ‘posts’ and then a string of numbers as the URL for this post. That’s your URL for sharing this specific post – just copy and paste to share it elsewhere.


Share Your Facebook Page Post

Step 3 to Share Your Facebook Page Post

Yeah, there’s a little more. It’s helpful to keep in mind why this is a good practice for using your Facebook Page. Facebook Pages are different from our Facebook Personal Profiles. This is why it’s not as easy at first to share things to other ‘Pages’ as ‘Your Page’.

A detail to remember is that once you have your Page Post URL and you’re on the Page you want to share it to, make sure to share it as your page rather than your personal profile. Just click on the smaller profile picture of your profile in the upper right hand corner of the status field. A drop down menu will appear with the pages listed that you are an admin for. Select your page that you want to post as and then write your message and include your post URL.

Nervous about posting to other Pages? That’s understandable. A lot of people are. But the good rule of thumb to remember is that if you see the ‘Status’ field on the timeline of a page, it’ll say ‘Write something on this page’, which means you’re good to go. Pages have been around for a while now and are used so much that if someone has one, it’s their job to know how to adjust settings if they do not want people posting to their timeline.

 Share Your Facebook Page Post

How do you use your Facebook Page? What ways do you share your page and its content with others?

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