15 Mar 2015

Creative in the Every Day

We had fun the other day coming up with a character for a dinner party we're having soon. There's always so many opportunities for being creative, turning every-day routine into something refreshing and fun. When was the last time you took an every-day occurrence and got creative with it? Was it in your personal or professional life? Maybe both. Well sorry if this makes you hungry but we do hope you get a kick out

17 Apr 2015

Doggie Fun with iPhone 6 Slow-Motion Video

Okay, we have to admit...we love being silly. And work hours are not exempt from that. With the iPhone 6's incredible video capabilities, it takes our outrageousness to a whole new level. Check out the great slow-motion footage we easily got of little Nimbus, our good friends' dog who we're dog-sitting.   After a walk in the rain, he was ready to shake it off and be warm and cozy inside. Guess for him that