23 Mar 2015

Get Creative with Your Business Signage

Have you ever seen a sign at your local coffee shop or in a retail store that surprised you? Maybe it gave you a good laugh and hopefully, it got you to pay attention more than you would have if it was saying it the same, boring and typical way. While this applies mostly to businesses with a physical location and/or storefront, we think it can also apply to your online presence. The simple gist

Great Online Customer Service at WooThemes17 Dec 2015

Online Customer Service with WooThemes is Great!

We're impressed with the great online customer service with WooThemes. With today's marketing and communications based online, it's important to go with platforms that prioritize great support for their customers. We often hear about how customer service and support are the keys for a business to succeed. Well, it certainly has made loyal customers and fans of WooThemes! Here's how and why. Online Customer Service There are a few simple ways that we measure great

18 Feb 2013

Lead with Your WHY

A key component of how we create with our clients is an inspiring tool developed by Simon Sinek. He calls it "The Golden Circle". In the simplest of ways, it powerfully demonstrates how starting with why you do what you do will create remarkable business results and success. A friend of ours introduced us to a TedX talk Simon did about this tool and we were immediately inspired. Not just because it sounds good, but because

3 Dec 2015

A WordPress Holiday Feature for Your Site

Notice anything different about some WordPress sites right now? If you've seen falling snow on a website, it's something that you can easily have on your site too. No complicated coding or plug-in to add. Just a check mark to tick. Here's how. From December 1st until January 4th, WordPress has a design feature to show falling snow on your website. Once you select this option, it stays put and re-activates on its own at the

9 Apr 2015

Fulfilling Work | A Helpful Quote

Eric recently came across this line in his readings. It's from the book "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell. Maybe reading it here now, you can find it helpful for where ever you're at with your work. What qualities must exist for your work to be fulfilling for you? Those three things--autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort and reward--are, most people agree, the three qualities that work has to have if it